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Millenium Fables

Firecat is a Chinese production company which focuses on unique animated content with creative integrity and international market appeal. Firecat is proud to serve as a cradle of fascinating stories that stem from China’s vast library of lore, history, and culture.  Their aim is to liaise their expertise in storytelling with international partners interested in tapping into the rapidly growing Chinese market. The Firecat team consists of the best talent in the Chinese animation industry, their mission is simple: produce unique local content with global appeal.

PROJECT: Millennium Fables


This gothic, sci-fi horror Anime series is set between China of the late 90s and a cyber-punk version of the future.  It follows the investigations of a series of gruesome murders and their connection with a group of super- powered teenagers, uncovering a conspiracy thousands of years in the making.  The team behind the 12-part series are world-renowned names such as John Howe, the legendary concept designer behind “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” franchises, as well as Huang Jiawei, China’s top manga artist and premier character designer behind “Onmyoji” and “Honor of Kings.”  

Firecat is looking for broadcast partners. Production scheduled to begin Q3 2022.




12 x 15'



Millennium Fables 1.jpg
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