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Consumer Products Execs Launch Cookbook Media

Industry executives Claudia Scott-Hansen and Rob Bencal have launched an all-new agency.

Children’s media and consumer products industry executives Claudia Scott-Hansen and Rob Bencal have brought their combined expertise to the formation of an all-new agency, Cookbook Media.

The new agency is designed to  provide IP owners and content creators with a one-stop-shop to building global franchise value through brand development, licensing, marketing and content strategy and distribution.

“We’ve been witnessing the incredible shift in our industry over the years, from a major evolution in technology, to consumer viewing and buying habits,” says Scott-Hansen. “Rob and I realized that there was a prevalent need for strategy and expertise by content creators and producers without their own distribution or franchise development teams. The current COVID-19 health crisis has exacerbated that need, and the request for flexible and dynamic partnerships, which don’t really exist within the current corporate environment. Our new agency allows us to deliver on that flexibility and lend our extensive skill sets to clients whose vision we truly share.” 

Cookbook Media has already secured partnerships. The company has been appointed the agency of record for all properties in the catalog of Canada’s Island of Misfits Media Ventures Inc., which is currently in development on brand creator Keith Chapman’s (“Bob the Builder,” “Paw Patrol”) new CGI-animated preschool property, “Farm on Mars.”   

“Cookbook Media’s vast breadth of knowledge perfectly complements the IoM team’s experience in launching IP into the global marketplace,” says Dana Landry, president and chief executive officer, IoM Media Ventures. “We have a great year ahead as we further develop our new brand, Keith Chapman’s ‘Farm on Mars,’ and our upcoming IP slate of properties.” 

T&B Media Global, a leading content production and distribution company based in Bangkok, Thailand, has also retained Cookbook Media to consult on IP development and international partnerships for properties across their animated properties and live-action features portfolio.  

“When we were looking at how we could best maximize the potential of our brand, we knew we needed an agency that could bring a broad spectrum of capabilities to the table from partnerships to development, and with Rob and Claudia’s vast experience in the industry, having both worked on renowned global hit properties, we know have the right team in place to take T&B to the next level,” says Dr. Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp, chief executive officer, T&B Media Global. 

In addition to industry corporations and studios, Cookbook Media will also represent independent content creators to develop their IP and market distribution strategies and is currently working on two projects to be announced at a later date.  

 “With the formation of Cookbook Media, Claudia and I are in a position to work with clients to create the global strategy for their IP from concept to the screen - whether it be linear, digital or theatrical - and to the retail shelf using our combined expertise in global franchise building, marketing, licensing and merchandising and content distribution,” says Bencal. “We are thrilled to kick-off this new venture working with Island of Misfits and T&B Media Global to create a long-term strategy and brand value.”


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