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MIPCOM Spotlight: Cookbook Media

Among Cookbook Media’s highlights is Saturday Animation’s action-comedy Chase and CATCH.

Chase and CATCH features a teenager and robot duo as they work to dismantle an outlaw syndicate that has taken over their city.

The new animated show Ella, from Island of Misfits in partnership with Boss Mama Media, follows the eponymous 8-year-old who has a magic key that allows her to open portal doors that lead her around the world.

“In Ella, we share the thrill of exploring a new culture and location with best friends while appreciating what makes you special and what makes all of us the same,” says Claudia Scott-Hansen, partner at Cookbook Media.

From Trick 3D Studios, the holiday series called The Jolliest Elf sees Santa’s elves compete for the title of Jolliest Elf.

“At the core of all the shows we represent are engaging characters and fun stories relatable to kids everywhere,” says Scott-Hansen.


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